Hi there!

I’m Nathan LeClaire and I <3 technology. When I was 14 or so I started to learn programming on a TI-83+ calculator so I could do algebra problems more quickly. This, coupled with a reading of Michael Crichton’s excellent book Prey that ignited an interest in studying computational systems which mimicked biology, led me on a path where I began to learn C++, Python, Linux and more. To this day, the very notion of AI and systems such as artificial neural networks (especically given how much data is available in the modern age!) is fascinating to me.

I programmed on and off for a few years after taking in more in high school, mostly about Java, and eventually majored in Philosophy for college. I love analyzing arguments and discussions of great philosophical thinkers all the way from Plato to Leibniz to Dennett. Studying philosophy made me a better thinker and communciator as I realized that no line of argument was perfect.

When I graduated from college, I began interning at 21st Century Parks and I stumbled across a rekindled enjoyment of programming and technology. When I started maintaining their website and the website of my band Funny Bones, I knew I was onto something. Thus began my career in technology.

I continue to experiment with exciting new technologies like Go and AngularJS in my free time, as well as writing about them, computer science, and some old favorites such as Python in my blog.

Areas of interest for me in computing include:

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