I'm winding down my mailing list (and it's inspiring me to reboot the site)

Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions when I first started out and 1000+ subscribers to my mailing list over the years, my blog has been somewhat stagnant in the past few years. I guess the high demands of startup life took a toll on my desire to hack and write for fun, among the million other things competing for my attention and fucks-to-give in adult life. I do intend to fix that by writing more soon, but in the interim I had an unfortunate surprise - Mailchimp has totally deleted my mailing list due to inactivity.

I can’t really fault them for it because I was on the free tier, but I also couldn’t find any evidence in my Gmail account to indicate that they gave me a heads up and chance to get my shit together before shutting me off completely. I tried writing their support but got ghosted… However, I’m not going to let this setback get me down! If anything it’s inspiring me to kick my butt into gear and write more posts.

So consider this my public declaration of intention to start writing more!! I’ve been considering spinning off a new blog for my lifestyle interests as well. That way we can keep content about nutrition, fitness, cars etc. elsewhere and keep this site the way it should be - by nerds, for nerds, about computer hacking and stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to give any subscribers or readers a chance to know what’s up! Until next time, stay sassy Internet.

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